Thoughtful traveller guide

At the bus stop

At the bus stop, signal to the driver so that they stop. 

Before boarding the bus, get your ticket or change ready.

Boarding the bus

When you board the bus, your ticket must have been validated. Tickets that cannot be validated must be shown to the driver.

Only board the bus via the front door.

Don't stay at the front of the bus – move towards the back so that other passengers can get on.

Help people with children to board the bus and make their way to the dedicated area or to a priority seat.

On board

Hold on to the support straps and bars.

Give your seat up for people who have difficulties standing.

For everybody's comfort

Except for guide dogs, pets must be carried in suitably closed baskets or bags. 

Very large packages are not allowed on board.

During peak times, don't place your personal belongings on other seats.

For everybody's comfort and to ensure that everyone can hear audio announcements, please lower the volume of your MP3 players.

Buses are non-smoking areas.    

Don't leave rubbish in the vehicles. 

Do not damage property – do not put your feet on the seats.

For your safety

You may not board the bus with roller skates, roller blades or anything similar.

During busy times, carry your rucksack in your hand.

For everybody's safety, do not jostle other passengers. 

It is forbidden to board the bus with hazardous or infected substances, possession of which is prohibited by law.

Getting off the bus

Before getting off, remember to ask the driver to stop beforehand by pressing the "stop requested" button. 

You may not board or get off the bus in between stops.
You may only get off the bus via the rear or middle doors.

Wait until the bus has gone before crossing the road. It's safer!