Transport Allowance

EMPLOYEES: benefit from the Transport Allowance

 Travel is less expensive with the Transport Allowance!


Since 1 January 2009, employers have to cover 50% of their employees' public transport travel card costs for travel between their usual place of residence and their place of work.

Payment procedures:

This allowance is subject to the employee presenting certain supporting documents.
They will be reimbursed directly on their salary slips as soon as possible, no later than the month following the one for which the tickets have been validated. Annual tickets will be reimbursed in monthly instalments throughout the period during which they are used.

The tickets covered by the employer are multi-modal travel cards granting unlimited travel, annual, monthly and weekly travel cards and travel cards that are tacitly renewed granting unlimited travel.

Documents to be given to the employer:

For your employer to be able to reimburse you, you must provide:

·        A photocopy of your travel card

·        Proof of purchase for the tickets that you have purchased and used the previous month.