Move freely with the Senior Card !

Are you 60 or older? With the Senior card, travel freely across the Artis network for 30 euros a year!

The Senior coupon is valid for one year (January to December).
It is accompanied by a name card and reserved for the inhabitants of the CUA.

You have access to all urban lines, but also to the rural network and the TAD (Transport à la Demande, a tailor-made service that allows you to benefit from a vehicle on a simple prior request).    

How do I get the Senior card?

Remember to bring a photo and the necessary documents (identity card and proof of residence) and go to the agency Artis!

Travel freely when you feel like it? 

You want to be reassured, accompanied, you still ask yourself questions about the operation of the bus network, bus schedules, the line that passes near you?

Artis sets up, each quarter, Discovery Workshops open to all and free of charge. And to go from theory to practice, we also offer you a guided journey!

Information: Agence Artis -Place Foch in Arras or call 0 800 730 488 (toll-free).