Discover the self-service car and the electric bike for rent!

Sustainable mobility for all, independent and affordable travel, and a good quality of life.

Long-lease e-bikes (3, 9 or 12 months)

> Enjoy more physical activity and meet more people!

> No more traffic jams or having to look for a parking place (that you often have to pay for)

> Leave your bike securely in the bike parks.


Self-service vehicles available 24 hours a day near where you live (Gare Place Foch, Gare rue Emile Breton, Place Guy Mollet, Place du Théâtre)

> Economical: no more petrol, insurance and maintenance costs for the car! Only pay for what you use!

> Practical: cars available instantly for one hour or more

> Environmentally-friendly: fewer cars on the road, so less noise pollution and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


If you would like more information on e-bikes and Citiz:

> call 0800 730 488 (for free) 
> email
> meet the Head of New Forms of Mobility in person at the Artis agency.