Transport of Persons with Reduced Mobility

As of 1 January 2019, the Arras Urban Community has entrusted Artis with delivering the Mobia public transport service for people with reduced mobility across the region.


> Conditions for using the service:

Disability cardholders:

Holders of disability cards (or holders of mobility cards for people with disabilities) for levels of disability equal to or greater than 80% are entitled to use the service.
For disabled users with this level of disability, there are no restrictions.

To use the service, send a photocopy of the front and back of your disability card to the Arras Urban Community Urban Transport Service (Transports Urbains de la Communauté Urbaine d’Arras).

Disability cardholders may be resident outside the Arras Urban Community, but they will only be able to use the service within the community area.

People who do not have disability cards:

People who are not holders of disability cards must contact the Arras Urban Community Urban Transport Service to have their request processed and then assessed in accordance with certain conditions by the accessibility board.

The accessibility board’s doctor will undertake a medical assessment of all applicants before the board meets. Based on the medical report drawn up by the board's doctor as well as the person's overall situation, a decision is taken collectively by the accessibility board.

People without disability cards must be resident within the community area.

Arras Urban Community Urban Transport Service: 03 21 21 87 70

> Conditions under which the service is provided:

Mobia is a door-to-door on-demand public transport service.
People are picked up and dropped off at their desired locations, but always in public areas.
Drivers may not enter public buildings or private areas.

To enjoy preferential fares, journeys must start and end at locations within the Arras Urban Community, made up of 46 towns and villages.

> Reservation and times during which the service operates:

Users may reserve any time between a month before and 6 PM on the day before they wish to travel:

by telephone on 0 800 730 488 (freephone number) between 6:30 AM and 8 PM, Monday to Sunday

by email:

by completing the Mobia reservation form

All requests for Sunday or Monday must be submitted by midday on Saturday at the latest.

> Mobia service operating times:

Monday to Saturday: 7 AM to 8 PM
Sundays and public holidays: 8 AM to 7 PM (except 1 May)

> Applicable public transport fares (across the Arras Urban Community):

To take advantage of preferential fares, users must be entitled to use the service, i.e., they must have a valid disability card attesting that they have a disability level of at least 80%, or the accessibility board needs to have granted them authorisation to use it.

Price of one journey: €1.20
Price of a work travel card: €30 (for employees)

> Companions of entitled persons:

All entitled persons may travel accompanied, but they may only travel with a single accompanying adult.
The price of a journey for an accompanying adult is €2.

Entitled persons may also be accompanied by a third party when they travel, provided their disability card indicates their right to be accompanied by a "third party” or their need to be accompanied, or provided they are holders of a "third party" allowance and are able to produce the supporting documents.
Journeys undertaken by an "accompanying third party" – and by persons deemed eligible by the accessibility board – are free.