Relax and enjoy your evening – Artis will get you home!

With Noctibus, you can now stay out late in Arras on Friday and Saturday evenings, and during major events across the region, such as the music festival, the Main Square Festival, the Embrasement du Beffroi, the Fééries Nocturnes and the Christmas market. 

2 shuttles:

-> The Noctibus northern shuttle covering the towns and villages of Anzin-St-Aubin, Ste-Catherine, St-Nicolas, St-Laurent-Blangy, Athies and Feuchy.

-> The Noctibus southern shuttle covering the towns and villages of Arras, Dainville, Achicourt, Agny, Beaurains and Tilloy-les-Mofflaines 

4 pick-up points are covered:

- Grand'Place (Ma Citadine stop) at 10 PM/11 PM and midnight 
- Cité Nature at 10:02 PM/11:02 PM and 12:02 AM
- Theatre at 10:05 PM/11:05 PM and 12:05 AM
- Station at 10:10 PM/11:10 PM and 12:10 AM

Note: both shuttles follow the same route to Arras station for pick-ups, before separating.



> Drop off on request at all Artis bus stops on routes 1 to 10
> When you board the vehicle, simply tell the driver which stop you want to get off at
> This service is compatible with all Artis fares