The rural network (routes 11 to 18)

The rural network

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> 8 routes of 11 to 18 stops covering the whole area

> 10 return journeys a day between Arras and surrounding towns and villages, Monday to Saturday all year round

> 1 service every hour


 Rural routes provide transport coverage across all rural and peripheral towns and villages in the Arras Urban Community, i.e.:

– inter-urban routes
– rural shuttles (no reservation and direct to the urban station)
– on-demand transport (reservation required for getting to interchange hubs)

Three ways of travelling on rural routes, depending on your needs and the time of day :

COACH: travel on inter-urban and school coaches during the times given on the timetable in the corresponding columns

RURAL SHUTTLE: available without reservation, these can be used to get to Arras’ urban station at the times indicated on the sheet


RURAL ON-DEMAND TRANSPORT: a bespoke service which operates on a specific itinerary and at times determined in advance. You simply need to make your request at least one hour before your journey by telephoning 0800 730 488 (free phone number between 6:30 AM and 8 PM, Monday to Sunday)


Here are some tips to help you use our timetables :


> Please note that there are two operating periods : the school period (in blue at the top) and the holidays period (in orange at the Bottom)

>All the departure from Arras/Urban bus station start at the A plateform (both for the on demand shuttles and for the rural shuttles)

>Please note that the on demand shuttles services are available only if you call us to book the service one hour before (please call us on 0 800 730 488 to do so)

>The single ticket fare is 1.20€ and you can buy it from the driver.

>If you still need some help please do not hesitate to contact us directly on our free contact number (0 800 730 488)

>Please find the legend translation of our timetable by clicking just here. 

  Rural route timetables:


 Route 11 : Neuville St Vaast <> Thélus <> Roclincourt <> Ecurie <> St-Nicolas <> Arras

Uses times of 534 Lens >> Arras interurban route


Route 12 Farbus <> Willerval <> Bailleul-Sire-Berthoult <> St-Nicolas <> Arras



Route 13     Gavrelle <> Roeux <> Fampoux <> St-Nicolas <> Arras 

Uses times of 532 Quiéry-la-Motte >> Pelves >> Arras interurban route


Route 14     Monchy-le-Preux <> Guémappe <> Wancourt <> Héninel <> St-Martin <> Hénin-sur-Cojeul <> Neuville-Vitasse <> Beaurains <> Arras

Uses times of 528 Moeuvres >> Arras and 530 Cambrai >> Marquion >> Arras interurban routes 



Route 15     Boiry-St-Martin <> Boiry-Ste-Rictrude <> Boisleux-au-Mont <> Boisleux-St-Marc <> Boyelles <> Boiry-Becquerelle <> Beaurains <> Arras

Uses times of the 523 Puisieux >> Arras and 524 Bapaume >> Arras interurban routes


Route 16     Ransart <> Ficheux <> Mercatel <> Beaurains <> Arras

Uses times of the 523 Puisieux >> Arras and 524 Bapaume >> Arras interurban routes


Route 17     Basseux <> Beaumetz-les-Loges <> Rivière <> Wailly <> Dainville <> Arras

Uses times of 521 Doullens >> Pas-en-Artois >> Arras and 522 Souastre >> Arras and 523 Puisieux >> Arras interurban routes


Route 18     Acq <> Mont-St-Eloi <> Maroeuil <> Etrun <> Arras

Uses times of 535 Bruay-la-Buissière >> Arras interurban route